Official unlocked iPhones in France – prices revealed

July 6, 2008


Well, it’s pretty expensive to get hands on an officially unlocked iPhone, but take into account that you’ll probably get some kind of compensation when signing a new phone contract without buying a new phone, so just subsidize your officially unlocked iPhone yourself! Take into account that when you sell it again one day, you’ll probably even get a better price, since it is officially unlocked (no issues when updating to a new firmware, all sim cards, works worldwide, ….).

In Belgium the law probably requires officially unlocked iPhones, too – but so far nothing has been announced and the launch will probably be delayed.


take action

July 1, 2008

If you have sympathy for those ideas, you definitly should take action.

Write letters (see “corporate address” in the upper left) to Apple, use their feedback form, file bugs concerning the authorized unlock issue, blog it, blog it, blog it, join movements like by the freepress NGO, complain at FCC (or your local equivalent agency) consider sueing Apple or your exclusive-carrier and finally if you don’t already own an iPhone, but can’t resist to buy it: Buy a prepaid version and HACK IT! Show Apple and the exclusive carriers, that this business model will FAIL! We still put our hope in europe, especially france. The french law forces apple to offer unlocked iPhones their, we hope that they aren’t locked to french carriers only, so if you can’t resist, consider importing your iPhone from france. Help turning the carrier-exclusiveness model into the biggest failure possible.